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Design and prototype of large-scale technology intensive systems. Design project incorporating infrastructure systems and areas such as transportation and hydrology; for example, watershed sensor networks, robot networks for environmental management, mobile Internet monitoring, open societal scale systems, crowd-sources applications, traffic management. Design of sensing and control systems, prototyping systems, and measures of system performance. Modeling, software and hardware implementation.

Project platforms:
Smart Energy & Environment | Smart Mobility | Smart Water | Smart Structures

Lab Assignments from Fall 2016

No. Title
LAB1 Intro to Arduino
LAB2 Analog and Digital Sensors
LAB3 Python for Scientific Computing
LAB4 Internet-Based Systems with Python
LAB5 Web Design and Visualization

Project Slide Decks from Fall 2016

Project Reports from Fall 2015

Smart Energy & Environment Platform

Smart Water Platform

Smart Mobility Platform

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